The market is oversaturated with "video guys" that are willing to make you a "commercial" for online use.

Too often these videos fall flat and dont add much to the client's business, eventhough they look great.

They are missing the marketing mindset. There is strategy that gives video its power. Don't trust a video team that doesnt pick your brain about your product or service.

One of our clients, Shelly, owns a catering business. (video above)

 Anyone visiting her website or social media platforms already know she is a caterer... so why make a video explaining that she is a caterer, who does weddings, birthdays, church events, etc? DUH!!! 

After a small coffee meeting, I learned Shelly offers individual meals delivered right to your home or office! WHAT?!?! That is something that sets her apart, so we jumped on that. We posted this this ad in the be beginning of the year to make sure we target those New Year New Me viewers.


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